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Gee Jabble – Your Golfing Guru

Golf Coach – Swing for Life


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What people say about Gee

I have had two on-course lessons from Gee so far as the improvement in my game is noticeable. Gee is very good at analysing your game; if something doesn't work he will suggest trying something else until it works for you. He has improved my consistency and my overall course craft.

Steve Penney

I have had golf lessons with several coaches over the past few years with moderate results. When Gee Jabble first started helping me with my game, my confidence in my golf was at an all time low. He quickly and effectively analysed my technique and physical ability and within two lessons the results were impressive. His ability not only to break down each element of my swing, but also to explain and help me to truly feel how my swing should be working was amazing! I have issues with back pain, therefore his knowledge and care has been so important to enabling me to not just hit the ball without pain, but improve my golf no end.

He is truly a brilliant golf coach, in fact he’s my genuine golfing guru.

Allison Goodwin

Many golf professionals know lots about the technicalities of golf but little about the intricacies of teaching and learning to improve performance. Gee is an expert in both disciplines and, as a consequence , is a golf teacher with an excellent pedigree and outstanding results with golfers of all abilities. Affable, approachable, humorous and good company. He is able to convey his thorough professional learning in the USA to club members of varying levels of competence. He is oustanding.